Worst roommate ever: Wakes @bucosmash and I up in the morning, sleeps all day & doesn’t pay rent or bills. (at Poutine Palace)

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Memphis Taproom’s hot dog truck/beer garden are open and it’s three blocks from my house. Helpppp (at Memphis Taproom)

Brunch time (at Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge)

The kids at the preschool helped decorate my desk. #letsgoflyers @nhl @flyersnation @philadelphiaflyers @rinaldozac @masey35 (at Moonstone Preschool)

It’s a beautiful thing that I’m wearing shorts and it’s still hockey season. #letsgoflyers (at Wells Fargo Center)

ACL healing

Happy World Pet Day to the baddest bitch, Maximus #princesschunk

Work events

With a win tonight… the boys are playoff bound. My tickets are in and km so excited! #clutchtime #letsgoflyers

Working on some photo stuff this morning. More to come!

Flyers fans should know who this lady is. I found her vintage cookbook online and will be using some recipes in upcoming Broad Sweet Bullies posts!

Buco’s surgery was a success!